Dances we may do      Tunes Played for the Dance

Dashing White Sergeant     Dashing White  Sergent - The Rose Tree

Gay Gordons                       Cock o North - Scotland The Brave

Winster Gallop                     Winster Gallop, Aitken  Drum       

Big Set Mixer                         Rakes of Mallow - Jimmy Allen -,Huntsman Chorus

Snowball                               Tempest - Nancys Fancy

Waves of Tory                       Dingle regatta

Ninepins                                Spanish Lady        

La Russe                  La Russe - Farewell to Whiskey - Brighton Camp - Caddam Woods          

Stoke Golding Country Dance          Keel row - Ballydesmond Polks - Katusha -  Hatikova

Swedish Masquerade             Swedish Masquerade

Cumberland Square Eight       My Love is but a lassie yet - Angus McCloud

Nottingham Swing             king of the Cannibal islands - Orange and Blue - Brimfield

Flying Scotsman                     Off She Goes -  New Rigged Ship

Lucky Seven                           The Railway - Feathers

Bridge of Athlone                    Sweets of May

Circassion Circle     Log cabin - Goldon Slippers - Nellie Blye - Buffalo girls - O Susanah

Willow Tree                           Volez-vous  danser Mademoiselle ?

Blaydon Races                                  Blaydon races 

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