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The Odd Socks are -:

 Dave... Piano Accordion .

Dave travelled to Castelfidardo in Italy by train to buy his 96 bass double cassotto Fantini accordion.  He met Signor Fantini and was given a guided tour of the Fantini factory.  Cassotto is an Italian word meaning 'box';  it is also  referred to as "tone chamber". The reeds that are placed in this chamber have a far more mellow and rich tone

To see a video of how a Fantini accordion is made click here

Dave has played accordion for many years and can often be found deputising in other Shrewsbury ceilidh bands. 




 Rupert... Fiddle

Being Rupert he had to go one better and travel to China to buy his fiddle. Follow this link to see his trip.  A great player he was a member of the famous Castle B Band . 




Dave and Rupert  were asked to help  make a short film  in December 2009. 

                      Click here to read and see all about it





Coil (Mike Blake) has played Guitar in various bands since his teen


Ann... Caller  Ann has been with us since we started the band about 15 years ago .  She is a very clear and proficient caller and a asset to our band.

Performed with Shrewsbury Morris dancers for a number of years but has recently retired.




See the menu on the left to hear and see us at some of the many venues we have played at. 

We are available for all occasions including weddings birthdays and PTA events


 Occasionally  we play for public dances - see the link to    find out about our next one


 Please  see  the reviews and cards on our review page





 Please note  Band members may be changed  without notice due to holidays illness unavailablity etc. They will always be replaced with  another competent  musician

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